What is a VideoHive Customizer?

A VideoHive customizer takes one of the thousands of templates on VideoHive.net and customizes it using programs like After effects.


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[title size=”1″]What is Videohive.net?[/title]

Videohive.net is a marketplace where skilled authors sell customizable templates for motion graphics and video output. There are thousands of different templates available under a wide variety of categories from logo reveals to motion graphics for new products or company intros. The authors sell templates at low prices 100 even thousands of times. Allowing people to purchase high quality work for 20 to 30 dollars.

[title size=”1″]What I do?[/title]

While any one can go to videohive.net and buy templates, in order to edit them you need relevant skills in programs such as Adobe  After effects, adobe ilustrator and adobe photoshop. I have the required skills and knowledge to edit these templates. Along with the relevant skills I have experience dealing with videohive and can offer advice on which products to buy and which products will suit particular needs.

Simply put. You pick a  videohive template and decide on what elements assets to use, i.e. text images and video. You send all assets on to me and I create the final piece for you.


[title size=”1″]Example of a VideoHive Template I customized.[/title]

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Above you can see the  intro I created for adsmart from the template on the right. You can view the template here. The video created can be seen on adsmart homepage.

Adsmart choose this template. We sat down and went through the entire preview and choose what text and images they wanted in place of the previews text and images. I then took their content (logo, text and images) and the template and created a draft version. They came back to me with a set of revisions and I created the final version you see above.

It took be about 35 hours to complete the above project. From start to finish it took 2 weeks to complete the project. The total cost for the project was €540. Price on other projects may vary depending on various factors.

To complete this project starting from scratch would of taken several weeks, possibly months. meetings drafts and redrafts every singles asset/ animation built from scratch. This takes time and time is money. Videohive offers a cost effective alternative to the time consuming and costly method.

[title size=”1″]The pros and cons of using a Videohive Template.[/title]

[title size=”2″]The Pros.[/title]

[title size=”3″]Time and Money.[/title]

[fontawesome icon=”ok” circle=”yes” size=”large” iconcolor=”” circlecolor=”#67b7e1″ circlebordercolor=”” animation_type=”bounce” animation_direction=”right” animation_speed=”0.1″]The main difference is time and money. With pieces like these you are essentially paying for the time it takes the creators to create a projects.  The longer a project takes the more money it will cost. Creating a piece from scratch can take a relatively long time and therefore cost a lot. You have to develop ideas and take it through revision after revision until you have it perfect.

With a videohive template the idea is already there you are simply customizing it. Think of it in terms of cooking. Creating a home cooked meal takes more effort and time and you have to put a great deal of work into it. Using a videohive template is like eating out. You pick what you want from the menu and the waiter brings it to you. Quick and easy. Except in this example it’s cheaper to eat out.

[title size=”3″]Try before you buy [/title]

[fontawesome icon=”ok” circle=”yes” size=”large” iconcolor=”” circlecolor=”#67b7e1″ circlebordercolor=”” animation_type=”bounce” animation_direction=”right” animation_speed=”0.1″]With a videohive template you can get a very real sense of the final piece before you buy. You can browse a preview of each template and see a completed version. Creating a template from scratch you have to spend time and money getting the piece the way you want it.


[title size=”3″]The quality of the work. [/title]

[fontawesome icon=”ok” circle=”yes” size=”large” iconcolor=”” circlecolor=”#67b7e1″ circlebordercolor=”” animation_type=”bounce” animation_direction=”right” animation_speed=”0.1″]This point is a debatable but bare with me. Top quality pieces on videohive can make tens of thousands of pounds. The template above has sold over 1,000 times at $30 dollars each that’s over $30,000.  With the potential to make tens of thousands of pounds authors are putting large amounts of time and effort into these products. Should you hire a motion graphic designer to come up with a piece from scratch they are unlikely to spend similar amounts of time on the project.

[title size=”2″]The Cons.[/title]

[title size=”3″]Control and customization [/title]

[fontawesome icon=”remove” circle=”yes” size=”large” iconcolor=”” circlecolor=”#67b7e1″ circlebordercolor=”” animation_type=”0″ animation_direction=”down” animation_speed=”0.1″]You have limited options when  creating a piece with a template. You can only replace text and certain images.  Major alterations will quickly add to the time and cost of a customization. In many cases major changes to templates may be counter intuitive as it may lead to pieces becoming more expensive than custom videos created from scratch.


[title size=”2″]In summary[/title]

It comes down to the home cooked meal example. Preparing a meal from scratch takes time and effort, but the results are tailored specifically to your tastes. Using a template is a lot like ordering in a restaurant, you order from a set menu make minor adjustments, (Hold the Pepper Sauce) and the meal is brought to you. The restaurant is faster and takes less time and time is money.

[title size=”2″]How much does it cost?[/title]

The only costs are the template and my time. The amount of time need will depend on the amount of customization needed on the piece. Before work begins clients will be given a spec listing the edits to be performed and a quote. Once the client agrees the price I will begin work.