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Before I start work on your site, I backup all files I edit and keep them until after the final review of the site. That way I can undo changes made to the site.

Please note that this may not be possible in all events. Depending on the type of changes made to the site there may be no way to backup before making changes.  In such a case the client will be made aware of the consequences in the initial spec.

The more complex the piece the more opportunities the client will be given to review the work. The number of times and when the client can review the work will be part of the initial spec.

In general, work is laid out in stages and the client is sent drafts at the end of each, which they approve and then work continues. The more complex the work the more stages and reviews there are.

This entire procedure will be outlined in the initial spec agreed with the client.

website MaintenanceWhen a client receives the spec they are given a timeline for the completion of work. This timeline starts when all assets are receive and the deposit is paid.

All images, text, video, passwords, log-ins must be transferred before work can begin. No work will be done on a site until all content and assets are received. All assets are required to guarantee all deadlines are kept.


To gain access to these log ins and passwords talk to the people who setup your website. They will have your website hosted with a hosting company.  They should be willing to hand over these details to you at no extra cost.

It’s your site you paid for it you should have access to it.

Depending on the type of site you have I am going to need some or all of the following.

  • FTP, address, username and password.
  • Content Management Login: username and password.
  • Control panel access.

Once I have completed my changes you can change all passwords and revoke my access.  Once I have access to your site the only thing I can really do is make changes to your site. I cannot gain access to financial information or any private information.

Web MaintenanceClients usually follow the following process.

  1. Client gets in touch via contact form.
  2. Emails are exchanged to decide details of the edits required.
  3. Once details are decide a spec is sent to the client with a finalized list of edits, a price for the job is quoted and a timeline.
  4. The client pays a 50% deposit and sends all relevant assets (passwords, images, text etc).
  5. Once all assets and the deposit is received.Work commences on the site.
  6. Work is finished and clients review the work.
  7. Once work has been finalized the final 50% is paid.