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Loaded Post Production Intro Video

Loaded Post Production Intro Video


The crew over at loaded post productions required something to jazz up there website something that caught the mise en scéne. In other words they need a video to improve the website. I used the videohive file Super 35. This is an unbelievable high quality motion graphic. I used this for two reasons. 1. I wanted to  see how the visuals were achieved and 2. It was a quick cost effective option for this project.

Designing my own would of taken a lot more time.I estimate to achieve a video of similar quality from scratch assuming all shots and animations had to be done from scratch. I would estimate that this would take more then 300 hours of work.

This animation took me around 30 hours. I had to story board the idea and consult with the clients over what videos/images and text to use. Then get all required assets and input them into the composition. Simple as that.

If I designed the idea from scratch there would of been endless meetings developing ideas, followed by drafts of ideas and ideas rejected. Followed by reviews and revisions ending in a final version months down the line. This process is quite rewarding but time consuming and costly to the client. Time is money.

From a designer point of view it is a nice headache free way of making money. Also I can psend time on my own projects and creating videohive files of my very own. I am thinking of starting a videohive customization service.



Words Reveal
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Words Reveal VideoHive.

Words Reveal VideoHive.

This is a Video Hive template called words reveal. The template was created in word press and uses the red Giant particular plugin. Its a pretty simple and elegant after effects template. At the time of writing its on the home page of this site displayed as soon as someone hits the homepage.

The layer slider was one of many templates I got at . There are some pretty awesome templates available for $10 to $40 dollars. All they require is a little knowledge of After Effects. Having been in the process of developing motion graphics from scratch there are several advantages to using a template.

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  • Time, these templates can be turned around pretty quick. Developing motion graphics from scratch can take a long time a lot longer than clients would expect. These templates can take at max a couple of days.
  • You know what you are getting. When buying a template you see what you are buying before you spend any money. When motion graphics are developed from scratch the concept only exists in the designers minds and can depend on what their interpretation of your idea. The final result does not always meat up with the clients expectations. This is not an issue with templates.
  • Cost.  As a result of the project taking less time this means the entire project can cost substantially less, even if you hire someone to customize the template. The cost of editing a simple template can be a single digit percentage of the cost of developing one from scratch.



I wonder if there would be a business in creating a videohive customizer service, where someone edits videohive templates, for clients. I will investigate to discover.

Until next time


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Introductory video, Adsmart

Introductory video, Adsmart


The project was to create a introductory Video for the company website. The company wanted to use a template from, they decided on the white board template. My job was to help them incorporate their message and their company branding into the template.

At time fo writing the Video is cyrrently on adsmart’s homepage.

At the initial kick start meeting, the marketing department of adsmart outlined there ideas. We spoke candidly about the message and the purpose of the video. In our next meeting I showed them different ideas I had for the video. I showed them several different templates on After much deliberation they decide on the whiteboard template.

The marketing department at adsmart had a very clear idea of what they wanted the video to say. they showed me what text they wanted and where they wantted the text to be placed,  then I went to work.

The Job from then on was relatively simple. I simple replaced the text to adsmarts specifications and then incorporated the companies color scheme into the piece.  I felt the ending lacked a little something so i added my own touch.

In summary this was a simple piece from my point of view as it was mainly someone else’s work. I felt the client was happy at the relative low cost of the work and the short period of time it took to complete the work.

This second part of the process was to repeat the process above for a sister company called printsmart.

Its the same videohive template with a different style and different text.

[vimeo id=”52861369″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

At the time of writing it is currently on the Printsmart Homepage.