So I decided to build a hackintosh

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[title size="1"]What is a hackintosh?[/title] Building a hackintosh involves building a computer from parts and installing mac OSX on it. [title size="1"]Why Build it?[/title] My reasons are few and simple see if you can make it through them all: [title size="2"]Upgrade[/title] My current system was being pushed to the limit. A sony voio laptop running windows 7 with a smart 8gb of ram. Several of my after effects compositions and several of my  3D renders where starting to push my system to its very limit. Renders and previews where beginning to take a lot longer than I was comfortable with. [...]

Willie Sharpe Kinetic Typography,

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[title size="1"]Willie Sharpe Kinetic Typography[/title] As part of my endeavor to become a skilled motion graphics designer, I have completed my first kinetic typography. Willie Sharpe. This is an infamous speech from the much ridiculed movie Armageddon. Personally I have fond memories of watching Armageddon with my college friends laughing at the various cheesy dialogue and over the top action and drama. The final sequences sees actor William Fichtner preform a mouth full of a speech in front of Liv Tyler and Ben Affleck. Another reason I chose this speech is that its short really short. 20 seconds. I started my kinetic typography [...]

D3.js Premiership Season

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Click here to open in a new window  Or check out the iframe below. [title size="1"]What is this?[/title] This is my first attempt at a piece using D3.js  a java script language for Data driven documents. I am attempting to learn the language and this is a piece I crafted using my initial training in d3.js. [title size="1"]What is D3.js?[/title] D3.js is a java script language for data driven documents. It was created my Mike Bostock, there are better examples explaining what the language is and what it does here and here. I will leave it to them to explain. I [...]

Homage to the Venture Bros

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I am still cutting my teeth when it comes to vector graphics. I decided to do an homage to one of my favorite animated series, the venture Bros.  If you don't know who they are don't worry. I created this to not only improve my illustrator skills but also learn how to draw characters. Well at least take my first steps in drawing a character in illustrator.  It may seem a little odd copying someone else work to create my own. I would have thought that a couple of weeks ago but after trying unsuccessfully to create my own work [...]

Psd tuts + Competition entry

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Simply put I love tuts+ I visit the various sites daily. I will not bore you with the reasons or maybe I will write another post about tuts+ maybe. Any way I was perusing the site recently and I saw one of there competitions for a movie poster redesign. I came up with this. Looking at the other entries I blown away by the quality. See here. I don't think my poster is in the same league as some these but I get a competitors medal at least?    

Aliens Attack Nenagh

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This is a small piece I produce after completing a tutorial over on Its a great tutorial as are all of Harry Frank's tuts. He uses After effects and the foundry's Camera tracker to create the above effect. The shot you see is of my hometown of Nenagh in the early hours of the morning.  I took the shot with my camera phone and also used a complete 360 degree motion shot to see if it could be done. In harry Franks tutorial he simply moves the camera up over his head and the space craft disappears. I tried [...]

So this is my Blog.

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First Post of my site, I am writing this as filler really. I may as well use this first post to write about what my blog is for. You really shouldn’t read any further there are better things to do on the internet. There are only two reasons someone else would be reading this blog.  1. you have no life or 2. I have some how made it into the history books and you are looking through this blog to see if you can untangle my genius or maybe my madness. Either way best of luck. […]