[title size=”1″]Willie Sharpe Kinetic Typography[/title]

As part of my endeavor to become a skilled motion graphics designer, I have completed my first kinetic typography. Willie Sharpe. This is an infamous speech from the much ridiculed movie Armageddon. Personally I have fond memories of watching Armageddon with my college friends laughing at the various cheesy dialogue and over the top action and drama. The final sequences sees actor  preform a mouth full of a speech in front of  and .

Another reason I chose this speech is that its short really short. 20 seconds. I started my kinetic typography crusade by attempting to use a song, but i quickly found these typographies can be deceptively time consuming.  They require timing and planning. I decided baby steps would be good enough so I created this kinetic typography.

Hopefully learning skills to create better and longer typographies.

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