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First Post of my site, I am writing this as filler really. I may as well use this first post to write about what my blog is for. You really shouldn’t read any further there are better things to do on the internet. There are only two reasons someone else would be reading this blog.  1. you have no life or 2. I have some how made it into the history books and you are looking through this blog to see if you can untangle my genius or maybe my madness. Either way best of luck.

What is this blog for?

This blog will be used by me, Michael J Gleeson to write about the following.

  1. Different projects or pieces I am working on.
  2. News and information I have to share about the industry I am involved in.
  3. Playground Pieces. These will be pieces of work I will create in a kind of experimental fashion. To see if I can do it. These pieces will not have any discernible story line or message merely and attempt at innovation or to see if It can be done.  They will not be for any real purpose only to see what is possible.
  4. Random opinions and musings I may have about different subjects. This would go under musings.


Thanks for reading. If you are reading this who ever you are, sorry for wasting your time.



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