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This is a small piece I produce after completing a tutorial over on Its a great tutorial as are all of Harry Frank’s tuts. He uses After effects and the foundry’s Camera tracker to create the above effect. The shot you see is of my hometown of Nenagh in the early hours of the morning.  I took the shot with my camera phone and also used a complete 360 degree motion shot to see if it could be done. In harry Franks tutorial he simply moves the camera up over his head and the space craft disappears. I tried to see if you could use the effect to move the space craft in and out of shot. Which you can.

The next step on from this process would be to track 3D objects through the scene. It would be interesting to use Video Copilots element 3d along with this produce some interesting motion shots.  Could I composite a car into the shot? I would need to create a 3D model of a car and apply the same effects as used here.

Further work on the piece.

While completing this tutorial, I was coming up with several Ideas for a complete piece. Possibly several different shots from around my hometown of Nenagh. Make it look like a proper invasion. There is also another tutorial  along the same lines by Harry Frank. It requires a skyline shot of Nenagh, which I may be able to get. I also have a key framed shot of an exploding Hum-vee. May be I can use all of these to create something.

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