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An example of
3D Visualization and &
Photorealistic Rendering.
Redesigning A Kitchen
Modeling the interior of a Kitchen and rendering photoreliastic images.
All neatly packed together in this unique presentation.
the entire project including the presentation was created by
Michael J Gleeson

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The Visual Effects of Wolf of Wall Street.

February 10th, 2015|0 Comments

This clip represents the current standard of VFX or at least the standard at the time of production of the Wolf of wall street. I need to be at this standard.

So I decided to build a hackintosh

February 5th, 2014|0 Comments

[title size=”1″]What is a hackintosh?[/title] Building a hackintosh involves building a computer from parts and installing mac OSX on it. [title size=”1″]Why Build it?[/title] My reasons are few and simple see if you can make […]

Willie Sharpe Kinetic Typography,

August 20th, 2013|0 Comments

[title size=”1″]Willie Sharpe Kinetic Typography[/title] As part of my endeavor to become a skilled motion graphics designer, I have completed my first kinetic typography. Willie Sharpe. This is an infamous speech from the much ridiculed […]

  • Premiership Season d3js

D3.js Premiership Season

July 16th, 2013|1 Comment

Click here to open in a new window  Or check out the iframe below. [title size=”1″]What is this?[/title] This is my first attempt at a piece using D3.js  a java script language for Data driven documents. […]